2017: The Year of the POS

2017: The Year of the POS

2017 has just started and it’s already a big year for business. Restaurant operators can expect the new presidency to usher in food legislation that will change the way dining works, all the way from farmers to diners.

Whatever the future holds, your restaurant needs tools that lower costs and streamline your operations.

Point of Sale systems aren’t just popular; they’ve become the industry standard. The National Restaurant Association found that 82% of all restaurant operators use either a POS or electronic cash register system. That number breaks down to include 83% of quick-service restaurants, 78% of full-service establishments, 94% of chains, and 69% of independent restaurants.

The majority of restaurant operators rely on POS technology, so if you’re still using a register, here is a look at some of the more effective features available in modern POS technology.


1. Mobile Integration

Mobile POS systems are projected to expand quickly in 2017. One report estimates that this year will see an increase to 54 million units. This figure isn’t surprising when you consider that 44% of all stores – not just restaurants – use mobile POS systems to ring up customers. Tablets allow every kind of restaurant to integrate efficient tableside checkouts.


Integrated Point of Sale systems connect your host to servers as they interact with guests, so you’ll turn tables faster than ever and increase profits.


2. Cloud-based Reports

“When we asked our survey audience to share the best technology decision their company made in 2015/2016, cloud adoption was the far-and-away leader,” Matt Pillar, senior executive editor of Innovative Retail Technologies, told Business Solutions. “They cited lower cost and technology barriers and real-time access to a host of decision-making data.” Experts agree that the cloud market will accelerate even faster in 2017, as entrepreneurs scale up to offer better service.


3. Inventory Management

83% of customers are likely to stop frequenting a business if the items they’re looking for are out of stock. Point of Sale systems that interface with inventory management software empower restaurant managers to update inventory with every order. Keep your ingredients fresh and your customers happy with technology designed to boost ROI every day.
Technology is an essential part of any business owner’s strategy for success. Jim Sullivan, CEO of Sullivision, a resource for restaurants, writes: “The number one disrupter in the restaurant industry today is not ‘technology;’ it is the customer. Smart foodservice companies work at the speed of their guests, not at the speed of their processes. That means you need to go faster and clearly understand what customers expect from their restaurant experience today — and tomorrow, too.”

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