5 Kinds of Valentine’s Day Diners

5 Kinds of Valentine’s Day Diners

Valentine’s Day is an important holiday for couples, singles, and even friends. 54.8% of adult Americans plan to celebrate this February 14th, and there are several ways for diners to do so at your restaurant. To lend a hand with your preparations for the most romantic dinner rush of the year, we offer a look at the 5 kinds of Valentine’s Day diners you’re most likely to serve.


The Happy Couple

These two lovebirds might be in the 50% of all couples who remember their marriage proposal on Valentine’s Day – or you might even see that proposal in your restaurant! They’re so adorably in love, it burns the eyes if one stares at their cuteness for too long. Whether they’re celebrating their engagement or their 50th anniversary, be sure you have your best champagne on hand. Try offering them Valentine’s specials, like a prix fixe menu for two, or a chocolatey dessert. You can even up-sell a sampler that includes aphrodisiac ingredients such as oysters, avocado, asparagus, chile powder, cinnamon, and ginger – just to name a few.


Netflix And Chill

Valentine’s Day means every restaurant will be busy; even White Castle is taking reservations for the 14th. People spent a record high of $19.7 billion to celebrate last year’s Valentine’s Day – but 53% of them stayed home. Diners don’t have to put on fancy clothes to get a fancy meal. Food delivery is a perfect option for lovers who want to keep waiting and pants-wearing to a minimum.

Last year, Eater reported that “couples prefer international dishes on Valentine’s Day, while singles order up comfort food favorites.” Whether you’re serving a sushi love boat, an Italian feast, or a big bowl of mac n cheese, your guests will thank you for prompt service on the 14th. Make sure you have enough drivers to meet high demand, and wish your guests a happy holiday when you deliver.



30% of single Americans plan to spend this Valentine’s Day with friends, and 11% might host a party. While you’re serving champagne to the newlyweds in the dining room, why not bust out a bottle of red (another aphrodisiac) for the group at the bar? Whether they’re celebrating, commiserating, or looking for a date, they deserve the same great service as any couple. Younger diners are more likely to be single, and also more likely to spend more money on Valentine’s Day. Time reports that adults under 35 plan to spend an average of $185, about $40 more than the average.


Valentine’s Dates

19% of singles are planning a first date on February 14th (talk about great expectations!). Whether or not they split the check, it’s your job to make sure they have a great time. This is one day you get the opportunity to be a part of their story – whether it lasts a night or a lifetime.


The Last-Minute Diner

46% of Valentine’s shoppers wait until February to find the perfect gift, and an additional 10% wait until February 14th. The week before Valentine’s Day garners the most hits for online ads as more people wait to buy gifts and make reservations.  

Diners are looking for options that accommodate their last-minute planning. By offering flexible dining options for the holiday, you position your business to get more traffic and build loyalty by being the restaurant that saved Valentine’s Day.

The fastest route to the heart is through the stomach. As Valentine’s Day spending continues to grow, your restaurant grows with it – if you can reach out to the different kinds of diners you’ll serve on February 14th.

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