Spring Fling: Boost Profits with Restaurant Events

Spring Fling: Boost Profits with Restaurant Events

Spring has officially sprung! With the warmer weather, you can expect to see more guests dining in your restaurant. They’re excited to get out of the house, see friends, and stay up with the sun. How will your business celebrate the season? Not only are special events a great way to connect with new guests at this time of year, but it can also boost your profits. 


Patio Party

If your restaurant has outdoor seating, it’s time to use it or lose it! When the weather permits, make sure you offer guests the opportunity to sit outside. Let them know your patio is open for business by throwing an annual spring kick-off party. This event is a great way to premiere spring specials, including new drinks and appetizers. For some restaurants, this can become a weekly or monthly soiree. You may even consider offering live music on the weekends.

For quick-service and fast-casual restaurants, these events are an opportunity to connect with parents and families. Consider setting up a kids’ corner, with board games and toys. You can also add new items to your children’s menu. Once you capture the attention of your youngest guests, their guardians will bring them back for play dates all summer long.


Sip, Sip, Hooray!

For bars and restaurants that serve alcohol, adult-only parties are the best way to celebrate warm weather. Unlike entrees, drinks guarantee that the longer your guests sit at their table, the more money they’ll spend. Use comfortable furniture and beautiful decorations to create a space they’ll enjoy for hours at a time.

As these happy guests build memories on your patio, they may want to host private events. For instance, what better way to celebrate an engagement than at the bar where the couple first met? Include a note on each table inviting customers to book events at your restaurant, and you’ll build lifelong relationships with your most loyal fans.


Festival of Flavors

When summer sets in, your city will probably host festivals and block parties. Use the spring season to perfect your menu, and also research any upcoming events near you. If you can book a booth at one of these festivals, you’ll spread the word about your restaurant. Best of all, you can expect to make impressive profits in just one day at a street fair.

If you’re planning to be a food vendor at a festival, make sure you have the right staff to do it justice. To have a successful booth, you will need to bring cooks, servers who are comfortable working a counter, and a team to help with setup and teardown.  These fast-paced events also require just the right amount of inventory. You don’t want your cream sauce to spoil in the sun, but if you run out of it, you may disappoint some hungry fans. Plan your menu carefully to strike this balance.

First and foremost, big events are your chance to build relationships with guests. As you plan a party, make sure you have a strategy for connecting with customers after it’s over to continue to boost your profits with events. You might collect their email addresses, have them download an app, or hand out rewards cards. Use these tools to keep the party going, even after the season is over.

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