Customer-Centered Tech Lets Restaurants Connect

Customer-Centered Tech Lets Restaurants Connect

Customers are just as interested in your technological innovations as they are in culinary developments. Adding restaurant technology shows guests you’re invested in their experience being easier, faster, and more accessible. Guests crave instant satisfaction, and now restaurants have the power to serve it to them.


Browse Online and Get in Line

Consumers are more likely to visit your restaurant if they can read your menu on their mobile device. Online promotions and ordering engage guests immediately, while offering them more ways to enjoy your cuisine. Reservation apps empower guests to start planning their meals instantly.


Online Ordering

The convenience and accessibility of online ordering have made it the fastest growing market for takeout and delivery. In 2012, $25 million was invested in food delivery companies. By 2015 that number had grown to almost $1.2 billion. OLO is growing exponentially; are your delivery sales growing with it?


OLO offers the food guests want with the convenience they expect. Guests can browse menus & add special instructions for each dish without being rushed. Employees stay focused and productive without stopping work to take phone orders, making the process faster, simpler, and more accurate. The only way to lose with online ordering is by not offering it.


In-Store Tech

The National Restaurant Association reports that roughly 25% of consumers say technology options are important factors when choosing a restaurant. This number is up from 20% just a year ago. Loyalty programs, self-service kiosks, and engagement apps are all gaining popularity. Technology isn’t just a cute gimmick; it’s something guests rely on.


Free Wifi Means Free Marketing

The number of guests who expect free wifi, is on the rise. Simply advertising your wifi password lets your restaurant satisfy your guests’ need to stay connected, while boosting sales and cultivating loyalty. Guests are more likely to post to social media if they can do so using a free internet connection instead of their limited monthly data.

In addition, free wifi has the potential to turn your eatery into a hub for local internet users, making it a relatively inexpensive way to get customers in the door and keep them there for longer. If students are using your wifi to write long papers, they are likely to purchase coffee and snacks while they work.


Build your menu based on data

Insights from a Point of Sale system improve sales for cafés. Terry Hope, the owner of the Los Gatos Roasting Company, used her system to figure out which menu items are most popular, and which days and times are busiest. This information refined day-to-day operations, including ordering and staffing needs. With her new insight, Terry was able to improve sales by 10%.



More and more, big chains are experimenting with self-service models. Panera reports that they’re “seeing phenomenal results” with self-service kiosks. Guests get their orders faster and return to the restaurant more often. McDonald’s spokeswoman Heidi Barker told QSR Magazine that kiosks, along with other digital innovations, “give customers control … of the restaurant experience.” Guests order exactly what they want without added human errors.


Client-facing technology is changing the face of customer service. This can be seen throughout the restaurant industry, and in other business models as well. As Craig Iskowitz, Founder and CEO of Ezra Group, LLC, writes: “The bottom line on client-facing technology can be summarized in five words: exploding, and here to stay.”



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