Decadent Summer Desserts to Add to Your Menu

Decadent Summer Desserts to Add to Your Menu

Did you know consumers spend more money dining out in the summertime than the rest of the year? This season brings staple items that draw people to go out to eat.

Summer is about creating dishes that feature the best in-season fruits and vegetables. We want your restaurant to get the most out of this season. So, we’ve rounded up the top summer items to add to your menu. We’ve provided tasty summer cocktails paired with some delicious appetizers. Now, we’re going to give you decadent summer desserts.

Here are 9 summer-inspired desserts to add to your menu:

Strawberry Creations

Summer is the true season for strawberries. The best ones are juicy and sweet. Fresh strawberries are full of flavor and are ideal for any dessert. The most common variety of strawberries are June-bearing ones in this time of year. They’re the perfect treat alone or baked into a pie. Here are some strawberry desserts ideal for warmer months.

Campfire Strawberries

Have you ever imagined your traditional family s’more infused with strawberry? Nothing sounds nicer than a campfire on a summer night with a new twist of a s’more in hand. Instead of your traditional s’mores, get so much more with campfire strawberries. These are easy to share for a whole table and have hardly any prep time. Get your marshmallow fluff ready to be torched and served. It’s a simple small addition to a beloved tradition.

Here’s the trick:

– Take a few slices of strawberries and place them on a skewer.

– Place a few marshmallows in a small microwave-safe small bowl. Microwave until melty. Usually 5-10 seconds.

– Dip the strawberries in the marsh-mellow fluff.

-Roast the dipped marshmallows on a flame until toasted.

You can either place a few pieces inside the traditional s’more or eat them alone. Either way, you will enjoy a sweet fruity taste with it. 

Strawberry Shortcake Cookies

Making cookies from scratch isn’t only for the holiday season. Take strawberry shortcake cookies to your summer parties for a surprise dessert. Take a classic dish of cookies – infuse that with delicious, fresh strawberries. With that, you will have the perfect summer dish that all will love.

What makes up these delicious cookies? Stir strawberries, lemon juice, vanilla, sugar, and more. You can get the full recipe here.

This recipe will be the perfect sweet tooth for the start or end of a summer party. Give the regular cookies a sweet and fruity twist to a classic dessert.

Strawberry Shortcake

The classic strawberry shortcake is never a miss during summer. Enjoy fresh sweet strawberries combined with delicious cake, topped with whip cream. This will be the talk of the party and is so easy to make. Bakers & Baristas used fresh strawberries from the farmer’s market to make this beautiful special. 

This dessert tastes delicious any time of the day, and will south your summertime soul. Get the full recipe here.

Strawberry Pretzel Tart

Trade out the tradition graham cracker crust for a pretzel and it’s a game-changer. Sweet strawberries mixed with Jell-O and an even layer of cream cheese in the middle. An easy prep time so it’s ready for those hot afternoons. Served on a cooled pretzel crust, it’s a classic your guests will love.

Strawberry Chocolate Mousse Cake

This is a word for word described as the “most decadent cake of your life.” It contains an Oreo crust and a rich chocolate ganache on top. Strawberries along the sides giving each slice bright red color in the middle. This cake has a great mousse to strawberry ratio that just can’t be beaten.

Sweet on Citrus

When it’s summertime, it’s citrus time. Citrus is plentiful this season and these fruits make the sweetest desserts. Imagine desserts with lemon, lime, and oranges. Here are citrus-inspired desserts that are sure to brighten up the day.

Lemon Muffins

This desert will easily become the most requested recipe of the summer. A light and delicious snack that will fulfill all your breakfast and pastry needs. Get all the details here.


These fresh and fruity shaved ice desserts you can make with a blink of an eye. These are perfect for a large party and can even be made into a slushy cocktail. Get the recipe here.

Some easy flavors include cucumber, raspberry-limeade, and orange.

Lemon and Lime Tart

This is a little twist on a classic lemon tart that will bring back childhood memories of fresh lemonade. We all remember buying or making fresh lemonade on a summer morning. This recipe brings back those fond memories from childhood. This recipe is easy and can be done in 18-20 minutes. See the full recipe here.

Key Lime Pie

This is a sweet-tart treat for the summer.  A fun way to incorporate key lime pie into your menu is by making them into a fun-size bar form. Normally this dessert is made with key limes, a Mexican or West Indian lime. This lime has a very aromatic juice that makes it sourer. Check out this Mini Key Lime Pie from Bird Bakery. Looks amazing!

Lemon Meltaways

This rich recipe of cookies only uses less than two sticks of butter to make. It will melt in your guest’s mouth and make them wanting more. They are topped off with powder and are soft to the taste. Meltaways are a great starter for families or friends to make together. It comes out as a delicious cookie that is a perfect crunch for a summer day. See the full step by step recipe here.

Did somebody say CAKE?

These desserts are the best way to start or end a night. You can combine these desserts at any time and guests will be always wanting more. Choose from strawberry or lemon-infused tarts and the entire party will be satisfied.

Get set up today with an all-in-one system that will support all these new menu adjustments. With CAKE there are so many solutions that can help grow your business. See why restaurant owners love CAKE’s POS system. It’s a piece of CAKE to make the switch. Get these new summer items on your menu before it’s too late.


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