The Effects of Food Spoilage on Your Bottom Line

The Effects of Food Spoilage on Your Bottom Line

How much food is your restaurant throwing away? Without inventory management software to help you keep tabs on your supplies, you may end up allowing more food to go to waste than you had planned. This can negatively impact your bottom line, resulting in more spending than necessary.

Let’s take a closer look at the overall effects of food spoilage and waste on your business’ bottom line.


Causes of Food Waste

You want your restaurant to take advantage of its entire inventory, otherwise you’ll end up wasting capital. This only works when you pay close attention to expiration dates.

Expiration and spoilage problems stem from overstocking. If you place orders with your vendors too infrequently, you may find yourself ordering more ingredients than you can use before they go bad. If your timing is off, your prime ingredients will go to waste.

When food goes unused, it translates into unnecessary spending. The portion of your budget that you put toward wasted food could otherwise be going toward other business initiatives. In the end, this hurts your bottom line.


Reducing Budget Waste

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, food waste in the U.S. makes up between 30-40% of the country’s food supply. As of 2008, the amount of uneaten food from homes and restaurants is valued at $390 per consumer.

There are a few ways restaurant owners can reduce the amount of food waste and save money in their budget. Implementing inventory management software is a key step in this process. With an effective system in place, you’ll be able to keep an eye on your stock in real time and only order ingredients as necessary. This means no more overstocking or wasted food.

Inventory software can also be linked to a POS system. You’ll be able to track inventory against sales, see which dishes perform best, and which ones you don’t need to restock as often. Automating this key component of your business can eliminate human error, boosting sales and decreasing wasted items.


Final Thoughts

In the end, inventory management software is one of the easiest, most reliable solutions you can use to ensure that your stock is always fresh. You can implement a number of strategies – such as labeling food by date – to track every item as it goes through your stockroom. Software helps you keep an eye on every ingredient, whether it’s in the freezer, the pantry, or the kitchen.

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