Main POS Features for a Successful Bar

Main POS Features for a Successful Bar

Running a bar has its own unique challenges. Whether or not your bar is part of a larger restaurant, these businesses are faster-paced than food service. Their success is tied to great customer service – even more so than in a traditional eatery. Bar profits are directly correlated to the amount of time your customers spend hanging out, so it’s vitally important that you and your staff create a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere for everyone.

So how do you achieve this? There are countless ways to make your guests feel welcome, from good lighting to enjoyable music. This week, we’ll focus on the technology that can make or break any business: your Point of Sale (POS) system. These 3 features are important for any restaurant, but absolutely essential if you’re running a bar.


Checkout, Please!

When customers at a bar are ready to check out, they don’t want to sit and wait for another half an hour. They might be on their way to another party, or just headed home – but either way, it’s time to go. Bartenders can help them have the best possible evening by checking them out quickly and easily. To simplify that process even further, make sure you invest in a POS that empowers your employees to move quickly. CAKE’s new Speed Screens are especially valuable here. Servers can review orders, update tickets, and check guests out all from one user-friendly screen. Now you can minimize errors and improve flow, while making your customers happier than ever.


Don’t Go Bananas – Just Split

Splitting checks are hard enough at a full-service restaurant. At a bar, it can be even more complicated. What happens if seven people each pay for their own drinks, but want to split an order of mozzarella sticks? And how will your server handle that complicated transaction if one person ducks out early, leaving six people to pay the entire bill? At a bar, with guests drinking heavily, it’s easy for customers to lose track of the check. Invest in a POS that makes it easy for servers to split checks several different ways, without missing out on either profit for your restaurant or tips for your bartender.


Save the Data

Working in a fast-paced bar, it can be hard to keep track of guests’ credit cards. The industry standard is to open a tab with a card when the guest orders their first drink, and then return the card at the end of the night. This process is clumsy at best – bartenders lose valuable counter space to a pile of credit cards, and they have to keep careful track of which card goes with which order. What if there were a way for your POS to track all that information automatically?

The good news is – now there is. CAKE’s latest update features a swipe and return function. Servers and bartenders can swipe guests’ cards when they first order, and then immediately return the card to the customer. The POS securely saves their credit card information, allowing guests to rest assured that their card will be charged but not misplaced. Best of all, this process frees up both time and space behind the bar, making it easier for your employees to focus on customer service.

When you’re investing in a POS for your bar, it’s important to remember the qualities that make bar service successful. Choose technology that empowers your staff to be fast, efficient, and focused on great customer service. With the right tool for the job, you’ll be able to keep business flowing as freely as your drinks.

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