Going Fourth: Restaurants Prepare for Independence Day

Going Fourth: Restaurants Prepare for Independence Day

Happy Independence Day! Whatever you’re planning for the 4th of July, we know it’s going to be a special day. Americans are expected to spend $7.1 billion on cookouts and picnics to celebrate the holiday, averaging $73.42 per person. And that’s just on the food!

Most businesses will close on the fourth, or keep special holiday hours. Depending on your staff availability, your restaurant may even need to close for more than one day. In this blog post, we’ll consider a few ways you turn red, white and blue into green.


O Say Can You Tweet

If your restaurant will be closed on the 4th of July, there are still plenty of ways to connect with guests. Social media is the simplest and most effective way to boost visibility. Write a quick comment wishing your fans a happy holiday, or post your hours for the coming week. If you’re a QSR that caters to nearby workers, for example, you can expect a rush of hungry, hungover customers on July 5th. It should come as no surprise that this is America’s #1 beer-drinking holiday – so your guests may need some extra TLC in the days ahead.


What so Proudly We Grilled

Last year, in the week leading up to Independence Day, Americans spent $389 million on chicken, $388 million on ground beef, and $28 million on bakery pies. If you stock any of these hot-button items, be prepared for a rush. And if you’re one of the few restaurants open on the actual holiday, get ready to rescue at least one block party from going hungry due to a broken grill, a cooler left open in the sun, or terrible traffic that left the in-laws stranded.


The Home-Away-From-Home of the Brave

Of the 44 million Americans who plan to travel 50+ miles from home for this year’s celebration, 84% of them will drive. This is a great opportunity for diners, roadside restaurants, and QSRs of all kinds to entice out-of-town guests looking for a quick bite. This is doubly true for restaurants open for business on the days before and after July 4th, as that’s when these travelers will be on the road. This holiday weekend is your best chance to turn a good impression into an annual tradition.

And remember – this is a holiday for restaurants, too. Whether you celebrate by boosting your business, grilling with your family, or drinking with friends, CAKE wishes you a happy Independence Day!

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