3 Ways Guest Manager Helps Hosts Manage Restaurant Waitlists

3 Ways Guest Manager Helps Hosts Manage Restaurant Waitlists

Effective wait list management is critical for restaurant success, as it can reduce guest frustration and customer walkaways. Diners who are seated promptly will get their dinner started off on the right foot and may have a better experience at your restaurant.

A mobile Guest Manager app can help to keep customers happy and reduce walkaways by up to 28% with accurate wait times, speeding up table turns, and keeping guests engaged with a customer-facing app. Since 64% of adult customers own smartphones, it’s no surprise that mobile app technology has been successful in engaging diners.

Let’s take a look at 3 ways guest manager app can help hosts effectively manage wait lists:


Create a Virtual Waitlist

With a guest manager app, hosts can keep track of guests digitally instead of with a messy handwritten list in the restaurant.

A customer-facing mobile app allows customers to keep track of their place in line while exploring the nearby area. An automatic text message can be sent to let diners know when their table is ready, preventing impatient guests from clogging the door of the restaurant.

The mobile app can also keep customers engaged by featuring unique guest profiles and menus. While customers are waiting for a table, they can update dining preferences or peruse the menu to improve their restaurant experience.


Quote Accurate Wait Times

Though it may be tempting to sugarcoat the wait time when a new party walks in, it will only frustrate guests who have to wait longer than initially quoted.

A guest manager app can provide an accurate wait time prediction that, after about a month of use, will start predicting wait estimates based on historical restaurant dining data. When a new party walks into the restaurant, the host will be able to quote a wait time based on how long current guests have been seated and historical data.


Open Communication With Guests

A guest manager app opens the line of communication between restaurant and guest. Not only do hosts have the ability to text or call waiting patrons to let them know their table is ready, but guests can also add themselves to the existing wait list by calling directly from their phones.

On the customer-facing mobile app, guests can also leave private, real-time feedback about their experience. If they do encounter any problems or hiccups, the host is just a text message away.

For wait list management, this open line of communication is critical. Guests can provide status updates while they wait, such as a change in party size, enabling the host to react and respond immediately.


Final Thoughts

Not only can a guest manager app make hosts’ lives a lot easier, but it also can boost customer engagement and reduce walkaways at your restaurant. The right mobile waitlist technology can decrease customer complaints by over 50% because hosts are readily available to mediate any issues as they happen.

By keeping guests engaged and tables turning faster, restaurant technology can help boost revenue and drive success.

How does use technology to manage wait lists more effectively?

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