How to Keep Hosts and Customers Happy With Guest Management Software

How to Keep Hosts and Customers Happy With Guest Management Software

First impressions matter. The first face a customer sees when they enter your restaurant will set the tone for their entire experience. The host should welcome every guest with the same hospitality and poise.

This front of house position has very little room for error, and as a result it can be stressful. Hosts need to be confident in their work, so they can satisfy every guest’s unique needs.

Implementing guest management software is one easy way to support hosts and guests at the same time. Employees can communicate with each other, manage wait lists, and review each customer’s preferences quickly and easily.

Let’s take a look at some ways this software can support hosts and guests alike:


Wait List Management

Hosts love it because they can easily add new guests to a digital waitlist. Customers can check on their estimated wait time via smartphone, so there’s no need to crowd around the host stand. When the table is ready, the host sends a text message alert to the guests with the tap of a button. The margin for human error is greatly reduced, and staff can focus on being present with each person they greet.

Guests love it because they’re free to spend their wait time socializing. There’s no need to check in with the host repeatedly, or listen for their name to be called in a crowded room. The mobile app lets them go for a walk or a drink at the bar without worrying they’ll miss their turn to be seated. Customers can also update their preferences while they wait, letting staff know where they’d like to sit, or if anyone in the party has allergies. By taking an active role, customers can feel engaged even before they sit down to eat.


Real-Time Table Mapping

Hosts love it because they always have accurate information. They can track how long guests have been at each table, which makes it easier to predict accurate wait times. Removing the guesswork takes the pressure off the host, helping them be more confident and efficient in their work.

Efficient table seating means restaurants can turn tables faster and boost daily profits. A restaurant that turns tables four times in one night can see a 20-25% increase in revenue.

Guests love it because they get to eat sooner. Shorter wait times let customers know that the staff cares about their experience. Prompt seating is the first opportunity for you to offer them great service.


Streamlined Reservations

Hosts love the way software can receive and aggregate all reservation information in one place. It makes no difference whether guests make reservations online, over the phone, or in person; all their information will be saved the same way.

Guest management software also reduces no-shows and walkaways. Big-city restaurants can lose up to 20% of reservations, drastically lowering ROI. With guest management software, each customer gets a notification when their table is ready. If the party still hasn’t arrived within an allotted time limit, the host can seat the next group on the list.

Guests love feeling confident that their reservation is accurate. No matter how they contacted the restaurant, they can count on this software to save their details in a way that employees can understand. They can even make a reservation weeks in advance, and opt in to get reminder texts on the day of their plans.


Save Guests’ Preferences

Hosts love the opportunity to create a more personalized dining experience for customers. With the right software, employees can keep records of customers and their preferences, including allergies, relationships with servers, and favorite meals, all in one place. Front of house staff can also use this information to identify their most loyal fans.

On the back end, restaurants can track customers based on spending habits and social media influence. A deeper understanding of their guests’ behavior helps restaurants improve dining experiences for repeat guests.

Guests love to feel special. Doesn’t anyone? A recent study found that 86% of consumers find personalization plays a role in their purchasing decisions. Remembering a customer’s needs lets them know the business cares about their experience.


Final Thoughts

Guest manager software empowers restaurants to provide diners with the best possible experience. Employee morale and guest loyalty go hand in hand.

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