Make the Most of Your Host Stand with Guest Manager

Make the Most of Your Host Stand with Guest Manager

Great service begins the moment a guest enters your restaurant. For those who make restaurant reservations online, it can start even earlier. It’s your job to jump at every opportunity to impress your customers, starting with these critical interactions. Here’s how guest management technology can make life easier for you, your hosts, and your guests.


Save a Seat with Restaurant Reservations

When a guest makes a reservation, they have certain expectations. They’re planning to eat at a specific time, so they’ll arrive at your restaurant hungry. They assume there will be space available for their whole party, and expect the host to know they’re coming.

There are quite a few drawbacks to taking all this detailed information over the phone. In a busy restaurant, hosts can have a hard time deciphering what the guest is trying to say, which can lead to accidentally misspelling a guests name or even taking down the wrong reservation time. Additionally, a paper list of reservations can easily get lost or damaged. Even hurried, messy handwriting can ruin a customer’s evening. Guest management software eliminates these problems instantly. Instead, it empowers your hosts to review all the information they need, without having to answer any phones.


From Date to Date

Guest Manager allows hosts to update information about each customer quickly. They can change reservation dates and times, and check in guests as they arrive. Best of all, they can send text messages to customers waiting for their table when it’s ready. This process saves time, streamlines communication, and clears up physical space around your host stand. By allowing customers to go for a walk or grab a drink while they wait, you keep them entertained instead of making them impatient. If you have a seat for them at the bar, you may even increase your revenue!


The Floor Show

A restaurant’s dinner rush moves very quickly. Servers, hosts, and kitchen staff need to stay on top of your customers’ changing needs. For example, if one guest sends back her chicken parmesan, it may delay the orders at several other tables. If a dishwasher breaks a set of wine glasses, your timetable may change even more. To keep your customers happy, it’s crucial that all your employees work as a team.

The best way to facilitate teamwork is to facilitate communication. A Guest management software empowers hosts to view a real-time map of your restaurant’s floor, allowing them to give customers an accurate estimated wait time and cutting down on any potential dissatisfaction.

Any way you slice it, Guest Manager is an essential part of great restaurant service. Use this powerful software to bring your team together and manage your restaurant reservations, and you’ll be sure to impress every guest who comes through your door.

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