Service Tip: How to Maximize Table Turns to Increase Revenue

Service Tip: How to Maximize Table Turns to Increase Revenue

Today, there is a wide variety of technology that can help restaurants increase table turns and boost tips.

Around 81% of restaurants use a POS system, and for good reason: versatile software can give restaurant workers a one-stop shop for everything, from section assignments to reservation management.

Restaurant seating apps can also ensure that waiters and waitresses are maximizing their potential for revenue every shift. Furthermore, these solutions can help streamline business operations as a whole.

Let’s take a look at how the right app can help you improve your table turn rate and deliver a positive customer experience.


Section Management

If your restaurant serves multiple meals throughout the day, you may have different floor maps to cater to various traffic patterns. For example, you might have fewer sections open during the lunch hour compared to the dinner rush.

With a restaurant seating app, you can toggle between your maps for breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a single swipe. This can help you swiftly assign servers to your sections as you make transitions during the day.

Having a platform with real-time section information can also keep everyone on the same page. This means that when shifts change, staff members have a resource they can rely on to see which sections need attention.


Even Distribution

To ensure that all waiters have a fair shot at tips throughout the evening, you may want to invest in a restaurant seating app that has automates assignments for you. Some software has algorithms specifically designed to make sure that waiters and patrons alike are situated evenly across your floor map.

As an added bonus, this reduces the chances of your staff being spread too thin during peak hours.


Heightened Efficiency

Time management doesn’t have to be stressful with the right restaurant seating app. Many platforms can now provide you with more accurate wait times and allow you to pre-assign tables. This results in happier customers and an improved table turn rate.

Apps that have a table timer feature can also provide you with realistic insight into the length of your patrons’ meals.


Easy Reporting

The versatile software of today can track a large amount of data and keep it on hand for reporting. Generating reports on everything from table turns to servers is now as simple as tapping a button.

Detailed reports can help you hone in on adjustments you can make to everyday operations to achieve your goals, whether you want more customers or satisfied employees. For example, your reports can give you a better idea of how much cash customers are using for payments. At the end of the day, this can help you determine how much money you owe, to both your business and your servers.


Final Thoughts

Restaurant management software has come a long way since POS systems originally debuted on the scene. It now comes in many forms with an abundance of capabilities, catering to your business needs. Best of all, today’s restaurant seating apps can be quickly and easily implemented to deliver a notable ROI.

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