How Next-Gen Customer Service Can Help Your Restaurant Business

How Next-Gen Customer Service Can Help Your Restaurant Business

It’s Friday night and the dinner rush is in full swing. Suddenly, your POS system crashes. Servers are scrambling to manually write and share tickets with the kitchen, frustrated customers are unable to swipe their credit cards and the line starts backing up as your host can no longer manage reservations. It is all hands on deck – including your hands – which means you do not have the time to sit on hold with your POS system’s customer service team.

As technology races ahead, there are major benefits independent restaurant owners can realize. From providing accurate wait quote times and reducing walk-aways to determining which menu items are top performers, the right POS technology can greatly improve efficiencies in your restaurant and add bottom-line revenue to your business. However, traditional customer service models do not always move at the same speed. When something goes wrong with your technology, you still need to reach out, wait on hold and work through a solution – all while your business suffers. It is a conundrum that may scare some restaurant owners away from upgrading their technology at all.

The good news is that next generation customer service is here now. At CAKE, we’ve developed Pulse, a real-time proactive monitoring tool that allows our customer service team to identify issues and address them before they become problems that impact your business.

Built in-house, Pulse provides an easy-to-read, color-coded dashboard view that clearly captures the status of all aspects of the CAKE system for a particular restaurant, whether you just use the POS or are leveraging an integrated bundle of POS and Guest Manager.

Pulse proactively triggers an alert for the customer service team when an issue exists. The thresholds for these alerts are calculated based on a combination of industry standards and averages. The team works to troubleshoot, oftentimes without the need to notify you. If they do need to get you involved, they’ll reach out proactively, rather than wait for you to recognize that you need help. Imagine this scenario instead:

It’s Monday afternoon and suddenly your phone rings – it’s the customer service team letting you know that while they were performing behind-the-scenes diagnostics, they recognized that your hard-drive for your POS system was nearing capacity and beginning to overheat. They’ve pinpointed that your system is likely to fail on Friday during the dinner rush and would like permission to send someone to the restaurant to replace the hard-drive on Wednesday morning in order to avoid a service outage.

Hundreds of saves like this one have already been performed by the CAKE customer service team using proactive monitoring and customer service methods. This is because Pulse tracks all important operational metrics, including networking connectivity, machine data – like the number of hours the power has been on or the overall disk usage, the time of your last close and cash out, the number of restarts, number of errors, whether your cables are connected properly and much, much more.

Technology can only help you drive efficiencies for your restaurant business if it works. By choosing a POS system that leverages proactive customer service techniques, you can focus on your core business, knowing your technology is being monitored. This eliminates the need to spend time checking to ensure everything is working properly or acting as de facto tech support. Remember, the right technology will help your restaurant, not hinder it.

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