Product Updates: March 2021

Product Updates: March 2021

To give restaurants the tools they need to grow their business, we are always listening to customer feedback to find the best ways to improve their experience. 

Here’s an overview of CAKE’s latest product updates: 

CAKE Online Ordering & Curbside Management

CAKE Online Ordering now integrates directly with our Restaurant Curbside Management System. 

Here’s how it works: 

  1. Guests put their order in through the CAKE Online Ordering Platform. 
  2. Once you’ve approved the order on your CAKE Point of Sale System, it is then auto-populated in the Order Queue in Curbside Management. 
  3. You can then directly communicate with your guests with customizable two-way texts (e.g., Food is in the works! Please let us know your car’s color and make.)
  4. Assign each guest to a parking spot so you can instantly identify them with minimal contact and hassle.
  5. Deliver your guest’s food and mark the order as ‘delivered’ to clear it out of the queue. 

To get this set up, go to Setting > Online Ordering > Pickup Settings and turn on ‘Guest Manager Integration.’ Our Curbside Management solution lets you efficiently manage all your orders in one place, taming the chaos of curbside pickup, and is a low-touch, low-risk option to keep your guests safe. 

If you aren’t offering curbside pickup, this feature is still helpful to take advantage of so you can directly message guests when their food is ready.


Print Order Type in Red

With an influx of take out and delivery orders, we have updated our ticket system to be able to differentiate these orders from dine-in. If printed from our Impact Printer, these orders will now be shown in red. 



CAKE Online Ordering Now Accepts Apple Pay

Apple Pay is now available for CAKE Online Ordering. Guests can now use the popular payment platform, making online ordering easier for your customers. 

Apple Pay is a quick and secure way for your guests to check out on your online ordering link. 

There is no action required on your part to enable Apple Pay, it is already ready to go.

Learn more: How Users Can Set Up Apple Pay 


Updated Printer Assignments

Previously, Menu Admin limited printer assignments to two (2) per item. We have now updated this feature to remove that limit. Items can now be sent to any printers in any station you assign them. 


To learn more about what’s new in your CAKE POS, visit CAKE University.

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