Product Updates: October 2019

Product Updates: October 2019

Backup Prep Ticket Printing

With this new update, when prep printers are offline, any prep tickets sent to them will now print to the receipt printer of the sending POS, keeping the POS unblocked. Deliver the ticket by hand and verify the prep printer is powered on and connected to your network.

Kitchen Prep Ticket Grouping

When identical items are sent to your kitchen at the same time, they will be grouped together, even if there is a different item in between them. Items with different modifiers will not be grouped.
So, if you have an organic meal sampler with apples and another with cheese, they will not group together of the kitchen prep ticket.
 MultiPOS/OrderPad – Order Locking
When an order is open on another POS or OrderPad, that order will be locked out from other systems until exited on that device.
Note: When using an OrderPad, if you hit the home button while in the order (instead of signing out the order), the order is still considered open and must be exited or an error will show on other devices trying to access the order.
To learn more about what’s new in POS Version 6.21.04, visit CAKE university.

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