Product Updates: September 2019

Product Updates: September 2019


Smart Tips on the Customer Touch Display (CTD)

Instead of suggested pre-set tip suggestions, now all tip percentages are now customizable! Also, you can now set whole-dollar tip suggestions for small transactions.  This can be useful for quick-service restaurants where percentage values don’t always make sense.

Mathematical Operations on Custom Item Input

When entering a custom item onto a check, operators can now add, subtract, multiply, and divide within the input screen.


Display Item Pricing on Menu Buttons

Sometimes a customer may ask their server for the price of an item and the server must check it in the Point of Sale. In the past, servers had been adding items to a ticket simply to see their price and then removing them from the ticket. This is inefficient. In order to solve this problem, we added a system option that displays item prices directly on the POS buttons.product-update

Group Prep Ticket Items by Seat

Depending on how your kitchen operates, it may be beneficial to group the items on the kitchen prep tickets by seat assignment rather than by the order in which they are entered.  Now you can enable seat assignment grouping in System Options under Sending. 

New and Improved CAKE Menu Editing


The POS Menu Admin has made some changes based on feedback from our customers! This includes:

  • Cleaner, simpler interface
  • Main items screen shows more information for easier scanning of your menu
  • Integrated search to quickly find the items you need to edit
  • Faster assignments of items to categories, and modifier groups to items


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