Five Restaurant Marketing Tips to Attract Tourists

Five Restaurant Marketing Tips to Attract Tourists

Tourists play a significant role in restaurant revenue. Though each tourist may only visit your establishment once or twice, catering to visitors with a tourism marketing strategy can pay off.

You want tourists to enjoy your food and the experience of dining in your restaurant, but attracting visitors can seem like a challenge. Fortunately, developing a marketing strategy can help your restaurant get onto someone’s travel itinerary.

How to Attract Tourists to Your Restaurant

Marketing to tourists is different than marketing to locals. Tourists are less likely to take a chance on restaurants they’re unsure about than locals, they’re less likely to hear about your restaurant from a friend, and they’re also looking for a unique, local experience. Here are five tips you can use to market to these guests and turn your restaurant into a popular tourist dining destination:

  1. Improve SEO for location-based searches: Tailor your website’s search engine optimization (SEO) strategy to the needs of tourists by targeting location-based keyword phrases, like “restaurants in [location].” Doing so will help ensure that visitors see your restaurant as an option when they look for their next meal online.
  2. Partner with other local businesses: Consider partnering with other businesses that serve tourists, such as nearby hotels, theaters, or museums. Hotel concierges can drive high volumes of traffic to your restaurant — especially if you’ve managed to impress them with your food — since these are the people travelers first ask about for local dining options.
  3. Make your menu available online: Many travelers prefer to see a restaurant’s menu online before they decide to eat there. Tourists have a limited amount of time in your city, so they want to enjoy every meal to its fullest. Make your full menu available online and keep it up-to-date. You should also make sure your menu is readable on mobile platforms since many tourists will be exclusively on their phones.
  4. Offer reservation options: No one likes to wait for a seat after a long day of walking around. Make mealtime easy on tourists by accepting table reservations. CAKE’s innovative Guest Manager will allow your customers to make online reservations and even get in line virtually.
  5. Provide clear walking, driving, and parking directions: Make it easier for tourists to find your restaurant by providing detailed directions online. Guests who know what to expect when it comes to finding and parking at your restaurant will have a positive experience when they arrive.


Improve Customer Experience and Serve Tourists More Efficiently With CAKE

Marketing to tourists is a great way to increase revenue and reservations during the vacation season. Ensure that your restaurant’s technology can make the most of this boost in traffic. CAKE’s Guest Manager, which integrates with our cloud-based Point of Sale (POS) system, can help you serve guests more quickly all while keeping them happy. The Guest Manager can even tell servers whether a customer has been in your restaurant before or if they’re a first-time customer. Learn more about our solutions and start improving the customer experience for all your guests today.

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