Cha-ching in the New Year with Shogo

Cha-ching in the New Year with Shogo

2017 is right around the corner. Between hanging up Christmas decorations and planning New Year’s Eve drink specials, did you make time to tackle year-end accounting?

We’re not asking if you have a week to manually comb through every receipt. Literally no one has time for that. It’s a busy season, and you’ve got a restaurant to run.

We’d like to offer you a gift for the holidays that we know is a good fit – turning your accounting into another piece of CAKE by integrating Shogo with your Point of Sale.

Shogo is accounting automation software that uses your POS data to generate financial reports, identify trends, and keep accurate books for your restaurant. Shogo Co-Founder Bryan Thomas explains how Shogo works with your restaurant to make this year one for the books.

What Makes Shogo Unique?

Shogo connects your CAKE Point of Sale directly to Quickbooks Online, Quickbooks for Windows, or Xero. Accessing your CAKE POS allows Shogo to review current and historical sales,spot trends, track revenue, and forecast your restaurant’s future growth.


How Do Restaurants Benefit From Using Accounting Software?

Automation is key, especially for small businesses. Automated software is more affordable than paying an accountant, and removes human error from the process. You’ll reduce your overhead while improving the quality and accessibility of your accounting data.

Daily reports give you a full picture of your restaurant’s financial health, so you can track changes and spot issues before they turn into problems.

Account for your finances so you can better account for your time. The hours you once spent tracking down receipts and reconciling balance sheets can instead be focused on ensuring great service and training new staff. Boost your efficiency and productivity in every aspect of business.


Accounting is Usually So Time-Consuming. Does Software Make it Faster?

CAKE Point of Sale + Shogo saves you hours with every report. Bryan tells us a popular saying around the Shogo office is “set it and forget it.”

Shogo requires no installation – just login and let the software do the work. Everything you need to stay on top of your finances is automatically generated and sent to your accounting system every day.

Shogo is cloud-based, so it empowers you to work from anywhere: the back office, your house, or a beach in Waikiki.


Daily Accounting Sounds Like a Hassle. Do Reports Make it Easier?

Absolutely. Shogo’s daily reports load into your web browser so you can print & export documents on demand. Sort results by category sales to see which items are profitable, and which ones are just taking up space (we’re looking at you, beet juice margarita).

Did you sell twice as many sandwiches last week? Are your smoothies more popular than ever? Do guests buy hot chocolate more often in December or February? Compare category sales at different locations, and during different weather conditions.

Daily reporting tracks changes instantly, and saves them permanently. An ice cream shop can expect to lose money during a blizzard, but should stay open extra hours during a heatwave. Use comparative data to make a game plan so you’ll do better in every kind of weather.


How Does Automated Accounting Help With Taxes?

Bryan Thomas reminds us, “Get current, and be as accurate as possible. The more you can automate, the easier your taxes become.”  

Constant, accurate accounting keeps you up-to-date on both sales and expenses. The difference between those two numbers is your income – and your income determines your tax liability. The more precise and complete your records are, the less you’ll pay to file taxes each year.


Accounting You Can Count On.

Bryan is an accounting expert so his clients don’t have to be. Accounting software doesn’t just lighten the load financially, he told CAKE. It’s “a huge burden lift – not just the time, but the emotional burden.” Math homework wasn’t all that fun as a kid, and it isn’t any more fun as an adult – especially when the future of your business depends on you having the right answers.

Integrate Shogo + CAKE Point of Sale to save hours of labor each week. Time is money. Shogo saves you more of both.


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