Spring Forward with these Seasonal Food Trends

Spring Forward with these Seasonal Food Trends

Spring has sprung, Daylight Savings Time is here, and flowers are starting to bloom. In the restaurant industry, we all know what that means: it’s time for a menu makeover!

This year, your guests are getting excited about fresh, healthy spring foods. These top 3 trends will get them excited to eat what you’re serving, whether they’re dining in or ordering out. How will you incorporate 2018’s spring food trends into your restaurant’s menu?


1. Sippin’ on the Dock of the Bay

Fancy food isn’t enough anymore – your customers are also looking for delicious drinks! Whether you run a bar, a coffee shop, or a full-service restaurant, it’s time give your thirsty customers the options they crave.

Golden milk – that is, milk mixed with turmeric and other aromatic spices – is gaining popularity all over the world. This drink has been used in India’s Ayurvedic healing tradition for centuries, but American diners have just discovered it. Science links curcumin (the active ingredient in turmeric) to cognitive health, weight management, and decreased inflammation. There are countless ways to spice up this drink and make it your own. And the good news doesn’t stop there: these affordable ingredients can be found at any grocery store or food industry supplier, so it’s easy to keep your profit margins high.

Go for the gold – but don’t stop there. Many other healthy drinks and boosts are trending at the moment, such as fat-boosted coffee. Guests are excited to drink coffee (especially nitro coffee) that includes MCT coconut oil. This technique is said to reduce cravings for high-calorie foods throughout the day, and boost the metabolism in the process. And it’s delicious!


2. Burger Impossible

If you work in the restaurant industry – or if you eat hamburgers – then chances are you’ve already heard of the impossible burger. This plant-based patty tastes, sears, and even bleeds just like real meat. Finally, we have a burger that vegetarians and meat-eaters can enjoy together.

This popular meat-free option is just the beginning. Maybe your restaurant already stocks the impossible burger – or maybe your chef has her own vegan patty recipe. And if you don’t serve burgers at all, there are countless ways to incorporate vegetarian proteins into your menu. It’s time for you to meet your guests where they are – with or without the meat.


3. Less is More

Plants in every region are starting to bloom at this time of year. Some of these – like kale and lemons – are easy to find even off-season. But others, like elusive morel mushrooms or flavorful kumquats, will only be available for a few weeks. You can always review a list of seasonal produce to find out what’s being harvested near you.

Seasonal produce is not just delicious, it’s also nutritious, and good for the environment. By supporting distributors who grow seasonal produce, your restaurant leaves a positive footprint – yet another selling point for your health-conscious customers.

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