Score Points with Diners on Super Bowl Sunday

Score Points with Diners on Super Bowl Sunday

The Patriots and the Falcons aren’t the only teams preparing for the Super Bowl. You might not be playing for the coveted Vince Lombardi trophy, but your restaurant can still win big on game day! Review these essential Super Bowl Sunday stats to get your team ready for the increased food and drink orders you’ll be taking.


1. Takeout Takes Off

The National Restaurant Association estimated that 48 million Americans order takeout or delivery while watching the Super Bowl. Experts agree that Sunday is the second-largest U.S. food consumption day, surpassed only by Thanksgiving. With more orders flowing in, make sure you have enough ingredients, takeout containers, and delivery drivers to meet demand.

Best of all – the sales don’t stop after the game. Heinz is betting big on the Monday after the Super Bowl: they’ve started a petition to declare it a national holiday for the 16 million people who will call in sick. Make sure your inventory is ready to go into overtime by filling Monday cravings for hangover cures.


2. Beer Today, Beer Tomorrow

50 million cases of beer are sold nationwide in preparation for the big day. According to a 2014 study from the Stevens Institute of Technology, more than a gallon of beer is consumed for every single American citizen. Staff enough dishwashers and bartenders, and make sure your beer taps are cleaned, serviced, and ready to pour!


3. Don’t Just Wing It

The National Chicken Council predicts that 75% of the wings eaten this weekend will come from restaurants or food-service outlets. With Forbes estimating that Americans will consume 1.33 billion wings, it’s clear your restaurant has the opportunity to supply some of the 997 million wings ordered.


4. Local Leaders

Make sure you’re serving the right cuisine for guests in your region. Google published a list of the most-searched for Super Bowl foods, broken down by state. Some of the winners aren’t what you might expect. (Californians are looking for cupcakes!)


5. Catering to Your Audience

“Super Bowl Sunday is one of our busiest days each and every year,” says Steve Evans, the vice president of marketing at Blimpie. “We get better each year.” Super Bowl Sunday gives Blimpie 20% of their catering sales for the entire year. Offering catering options gives guests the options they want for the foods their Super Bowl gatherings crave. Putting energy and preparation into your catering efforts allows restaurants to prepare for the blitz in demand ahead of time – and get a better idea of what ingredients and supplies they’ll need to send fans home happy.

The Super Bowl is a big day for football, advertising, and restaurants. By studying past games’ food trends and statistics, you can serve up the food and drinks that Super Bowl fans can’t get enough of – and earn your restaurant plenty of points in the process.

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