Techspect The Best: 5 Ways Tech Benefits Restaurants

Techspect The Best: 5 Ways Tech Benefits Restaurants

Technology has fundamentally changed the way we do business. The restaurant industry is just one example of this. Here are the top 5 ways that restaurant tech benefits both business owners and their guests.


1. Point of Sale

POS technology is the most efficient way to track your restaurant’s profits. This powerful tech can track every sale you make, the profitability of every menu item and ingredient, and even guest loyalty. Track menu updates – including changing prices and seasonal specials – and you’ll easily see which strategies help your business grow.


2. Cloud Reporting

Some POS systems include cloud-based reporting. This technology lets business owners track their profits any time, from anywhere. Take a day off, or travel to another country, and you’ll still be able to keep your finger on the pulse of your restaurant. Review metrics that tell you about your employees’ progress, your busiest times of day, and your most profitable menu items. Constantly reviewing these numbers empowers you to make changes on the fly, from anywhere in the world.


3. Guest Manager

Say goodbye to walkaways! Keep your guests happy with a guest management system that tracks every reservation, keeping both servers and eaters informed about who’s next in line. Some guest managers even offer text notifications, allowing your waiting guests to walk around the block or sit at the bar for a cocktail while they wait for their table to be ready.


4. Inventory Management

Inventory management systems prevent spoilage, keeping your overhead down and your profits high. Use the information in your database to design special menu items, tailored to suit your guests’ changing tastes, which will keep your inventory moving even during slow days. Waste not, want not!


5. Kitchen Witchin’

Whether it’s a smart refrigerator or a burger-flipping robot, robust kitchen technology frees up time in your kitchen. Give your chef the time they need to focus on designing the best possible menu, and let the machines handle the grunt work. Smart technology makes your kitchen more efficient, empowering you to serve more guests every day. Improve guest loyalty and cut down on labor costs in one fell swoop.

As restaurant technology continues to grow and change, your guests expectations will do the same. It’s important to stay up to speed with the latest restaurant tech, in order to stay competitive with other restaurants in your area.

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