Top 3 Coffee Trends for 2019

Top 3 Coffee Trends for 2019

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in America. In a recent survey, 63% of people reported drinking coffee within the past day – a 6% increase from 2016. This daily business is a fantastic opportunity for restaurants to capture guest loyalty. Did you know that 44% of guests are loyal to a specific cafe just because it serves their favorite coffee? However, loyalty doesn’t just mean routine. Your biggest fans are still excited about trying new kinds of coffee. Keep them engaged with the top 3 coffee trends of 2019.


1. Superfoods

Guests are more interested in healthy foods than ever. That’s why it’s no surprise to see them adding superfoods to their coffee. These additions include everything from mushrooms to turmeric to coconut oil. Although they’re an acquired taste, your guests are learning to love these flavor bombs and has become one of the top coffee trends.

Superfood coffee is habit-forming in more ways than one. Healthy, caffeinated drinks don’t just boost your customers’ energy. They also improve immune function, gut health, and energy levels throughout the day. Americans begin each day with caffeine, which is why they’re so loyal to their favorite coffee shops. When they find a healthy version of their favorite morning drink, you can expect this loyalty to go up.


2. Cold Brew

Cold-brewed coffee has been growing in popularity for some time. 80% of adults are aware of cold brew, which makes it a well-established trend. This drink appeals to guests in every season and is easily stored in a bottle or can. Shelf stability can do wonders for your bottom line by lowering waste throughout your restaurant.

This drink is especially appealing to your busiest guests. Cold brew coffee makes for easy sipping throughout the day, whether they are on a train, at work, or driving through traffic. Branded cups and bottles will help advertise your business to anyone they meet as they go about their daily routine.


3. Color Me Caffeinated

Instagram is an excellent way for any restaurant to advertise, and that’s especially true for cafes. Your guests are getting excited about colorful, artistic coffee drinks, so they’re likely to take photos of your prettiest menu items.

Color your coffee pink, blue, or black as night, and even your more traditional guests will give it a try. These beverages will also help spread the word about your restaurant to all your social media followers.

Because coffee has been popular for such a long time, these new menu items are a safe investment. Whether your guests warm up to cold brew, sip on superfoods, or delight in decorated drinks, keep your eye on the prize: their long-term loyalty.

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