Why CAKE for Restaurants?

Why CAKE for Restaurants?

Passion can drive us to take on difficult initiatives. It is what allows us to persevere where others may not. It is what allows us to overcome big obstacles and achieve our dreams.

Passion is also what drives most restaurant owners to start a restaurant. But let’s face it, opening a restaurant is not a walk in the park. It is an incredible amount of work, which requires the coordination of employees, vendors, and customers that need to somehow come together to create a pleasant and efficient dining experience.

Technology is increasingly allowing us to offload unpleasant tasks and make running a restaurant easier. Pagers revolutionized the traditional pen-and-paper waitlist. Now pagers have been supplanted by smartphone and tablet apps that can provide us with rich data we could only hope for just years ago. Originally, cash registers helped us to do calculations on the fly, as well as keeping all of our cash and change in a single point-of-sale unit. Since the advent of computers, Point of Sale systems have gone on to solve a larger number of problems. As restaurant people, we all understand that Point of Sale systems, for a long time, certainly caused some issues of their own. As software and cloud technology progresses, we are seeing these barriers continuing to fall by the wayside.

What if we could just not worry about things like – pricing, menu engineering and design, cost and profitability analysis, marketing to customers, collecting payments, managing employees…the list goes on. These are necessary parts of the business, but it is not often why we love running our restaurant. When was the last time you heard a restaurant owner say I am passionate about inventory management or marketing?

Differentiation from the competition (often in the form of delicious food) in concert with a pleasant and efficient customer experience are most important characteristics that will help a restaurant succeed. These are also the main elements that most restaurant owners are passionate about.

Our mission at CAKE has always been to alleviate the pain experienced by restaurant operators. We didn’t set out to become another Point of Sale company. We want, more than anything, to truly allow you to focus on great food and superior service. By focusing on technology built specifically for restaurants, the various CAKE solutions take care of all the other stuff that makes the business work. As a company consisting of restaurant people, we are most passionate about helping restaurants. We are very happy to have you as our guest.

Mani is the CEO of CAKE, taking it from a six-person team in “a garage” to a team of 300+ that is dedicated to leveraging technology to make the the reasons why we go into the restaurant business experience more elegant and efficient. Mani is also a foodie and the more exotic the dish the better. He is a big fan of Bizarre Foods and loves dishes like sea urchin and sesos.

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